Business Intelligence

Bring your data together with powerful analytics

Access the right data in an optimized way to help you make the best possible decisions. Our hotel business intelligence software pulls in your data from more than 100 systems to enable centralized access to your property or portfolio’s most critical insights.  

Get rich, interactive data visualizations and review your most important portfolio metrics quickly with automated reports.

Business Intelligence




Analyze Data

Improve Performance

Maximize Revenue

Harness your disparate hotel data to see clear insights 

Standardize and analyze data from across your property or portfolio’s systems. Otelier’s software integrates with almost any software system your hotel utilizes to collect and analyze data down to the transaction level.

Gather insights from all your key on-premise databases, such as PMS, POS, GL, and Labor

Capture clean data from important off-premise databases, such as STR, GSS, and rate shopping

Standardize your data so you can compare data sets from various systems effortlessly

Increase profit margins and lower costs effortlessly across your portfolio

Centralize siloed data from across your portfolio for a more comprehensive view into your hotels’ performance. With Otelier, you can analyze performance across departments and properties.

Get a more comprehensive view into overlooked, but highly profitable functions in your hotels

Easily identify opportunities and benchmark them across your hotel portfolio

Gain 360-visibility into your portfolio performance

Maximize revenue across your hotel portfolio with ease

Achieve your total revenue management goals. Optimize your hotel’s financial performance with real-time revenue analytics. See how different departments affect each other and improve profitability.

Visualize important revenue KPIs like RevPAR, ADR, occupancy, and more

Identify opportunities in your F&B, room, event, and sales reporting data

Pinpoint pickup effortlessly with the industry’s best pace reporting tools

Key Benefits

Automate your data pipeline

Otelier’s business intelligence solutions automate data flows across your hotel portfolio to save hours of manual work and improve data accuracy. Eliminate data errors, effortlessly.

Standardize data across systems

Replace the quirks and logic of disparate system data with standard best practices. Otelier cross-matches your data across systems to add more value and depth to individual data sets.

Customize and schedule reports
Get your morning report pack tailored for the unique needs of your hotel mix. Automatically share reports with key stakeholders across your group for unrivaled insights.
Collaborate securely

Ensure your entire team is looking at accurate, real-time data. Keep your sensitive financial information secure with encryption and custom roles and permissions. 

Always Innovating to Keep You Ahead

Connect with us to learn more about how business intelligence can improve your hotels’ performance.   

How Otelier Business Intelligence Tools Help Hoteliers

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James Wilson

Director of Business Intelligence, Outrigger Resorts and KSL Resorts
We’re looking at our data every day down to the micro level. We’re doing five year projections. So there’s always continual planning and making sure that we’re on par for what our business is looking to achieve over the next couple of years.

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