Streamline night audit compliance across your portfolio

Move your critical end-of-day reports to a secure cloud environment to ensure audit compliance. DigiAudit helps hoteliers automate signature workflows, reduce costs, and operate more sustainably.

With DigiAudit, you can easily stay in audit compliance – with no printing required. Learn more about the hospitality software enabling hoteliers to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on hospitality.

DigiAudit Benefits







Centralize and store nightly reports

Access all your nightly reports in one place, with no printer or dusty filing cabinets required. Get secure, instant access to financial reports using an easy-to-search indexed repository with Otelier DigiAudit.

Store nightly reports in a secure cloud environment

Easily search an indexed repository

Provide secure and easy accessibility to your team

Streamline approvals and collaboration

Simplify your night audit compliance process. Otelier DigiAudit gives you the tools to automate workflow tasks and collaborate more effectively.

Automate signature workflow

Markup and commenting

Version control

Stay in audit compliance

Make audits quick and easy. Otelier DigiAudit helps you ensure you stay in audit compliance and standardize the night audit process across your portfolio.

Track report and signature compliance

Get real-time updates

Give auditors secure access to reports

DigiAudit Features

Signature Workflow

Automate and standardize signature processes to stay in compliance. 

Compliance Reports

Track report and signature compliance all in one place.

Version Control

See a log of all changes made to documents for full traceability.


Easily find and enable secure access to the right documents.

Choose the Right Solution for You

Otelier DigiAudit is easy to scale for large or small hotel portfolios. Explore the features in DigiAudit Pro and DigiAudit Plus.

DigiAudit Features

DigiAudit Pro

DigiAudit Plus

Night audit compliance

Document capture

Document storage

Custom roles and user permissions

Document indexing and search

Signature compliance audit

Report compliance audit

Markup and commenting

Document processing

Version control

Workflow automation

Document archiving  

Improve the OTA reconciliation process


Drive efficiency and unlock revenue with effortless bank and OTA reconciliation workflows.

Make income journal audits a breeze with Otelier Rec.

Income Journal

Ensure precise data in your hotel’s accounting system with automated daily income audit journaling tools. 

Add-on: Financial reconciliation to elevate your workflow

Rec powers up any Otelier product and makes bank, OTA, and third-party reconciliations easy and scalable for hoteliers.

Always Innovating to Keep You Ahead

Connect with us to learn more about how to streamline your night audit compliance process.  

What Our Customers Say

Kyle McCaig
Director of Technology Service Delivery, MCR Hotels
Kyle McCaig
Director of Technology Service Delivery, MCR Hotels
We’re trying to see where those pain points are – things that are having to be done manually, things that are emailed, things that are printed, things that are stored on one computer and hopefully find their way to the right place – and automate all of those pieces.
IntelliSight dashboard enables customizable views.

Otelier Intel Suite helps you maximize profitability and revenue.

Bundle Otelier IntelliSight and TruePlan to streamline your financial planning processes and transform data into actionable insights, effortlessly.


Track signature compliance across properties with DigiAudit.

Otelier Ops Suite simplifies hotel operations for greater efficiency.

Bundle Otelier DigiAudit, IntelliSight, and Rec to help you streamline night audit compliance, smooth bank and OTA reconciliations, and better understand property performance.


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