Back Office Automation

Automate back office tasks and reduce operating costs

Say goodbye to the manual processes of printing and storing end-of-day reports. Otelier back office automation solutions simplify night audit compliance and accounting tasks across your portfolio.  

Improve your operational efficiency and audit compliance with automated night audit indexing. Help your team spend less time doing paperwork and more time creating amazing guest experiences.  

Back Office Automation Solutions







Track audit compliance across properties with ease  

Ensure your entire portfolio stays in compliance and standardize night audit reporting, indexing, and storage across your properties. Get immediate answers to the “where are my files” question.

Monitor hotels' report and signature compliance with precision

Track report and signature statuses with real-time updates

Store audit reports in a secure, cloud-based environment

Enable centralized access to end-of-day reports across your portfolio

Store all of your night audit and signature compliance reports in one secure, cloud-based platform. Easily search through an online indexed repository to find and manage audit reports.

Access your audit report files anywhere, anytime

Securely view, modify, and store nightly reports

Protect confidential data and reduce the risk of unauthorized access

Manage signature and report compliance with automated tools

Ensure timely completion of the signature process for your nightly reports. Quickly identify any discrepancies in your end-of-day reports and improve the integrity of signature packets.

Securely and automatically route documents to signers

Review and collaborate on documents with versioning

Get real-time updates on report and signature statuses

Key Benefits

Faster and easier document retrieval

Securely upload, track, and store your night audit reports online. Ensure documents are accessible and always kept up-to-date even when team members are geographically dispersed. 

Ensure timely signature compliance

Automate document processing and signature workflows to guarantee that signature reports are promptly and securely routed to signers. Allow signers to review and collaborate before finalizing. 

Track changes with detailed version histories
Automatically maintain detailed version histories to capture all actions and changes made to your reports. Track where changes were made with ease from the front desk to the final signature.
Stay in compliance with regulations

Effortlessly track and monitor report and signature compliance. Use simple dashboards to calculate signature and report compliance percentages from nightly report approval workflows.   

Always Innovating to Keep You Ahead

Connect with us to learn more about how to improve efficiency by automating your back office tasks.  

Why Hoteliers Trust Otelier for Back Office Automation

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Kyle McCaig

Director of Technology Service Delivery, MCR Hotels
When we used to do audits in the past, we would ask for 30 days just to gather the information, because we were talking about printed reports put in a box. Taking away both the overhead and cost of that has been critical.


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