Budgeting and Forecasting

TruePlan makes budgeting and forecasting simple

Say goodbye to stale spreadsheets, errors, and manual data mining. Forecast with confidence across your portfolio with financial management tools. 

With Otelier’s advanced budgeting and forecasting software, you can harness predictive models and hospitality-specific drivers to optimize your portfolio’s financial planning.

Budgeting and Forecasting Solutions







Empower finance with confident budgeting and forecasting

Gain confidence in budgeting and forecasting across your portfolio with Otelier TruePlan. Use powerful predictive models and hospitality-specific drivers to run what-if scenarios and make decisions quickly.

Identify recurring trends and patterns

Seed and manage standard budgets

Create accurate and timely forecasts

Automate your hotels’ financial forecasting

Stay ahead with automated financial forecasting. Otelier TruePlan features automated planning tools and intuitive drivers to help you plan confidently across the hotel landscape – all in one secure and reliable platform.

Eliminate manual spreadsheet updates and tasks

Use comprehensive data analysis and industry-leading drivers

Reduce errors by building and seeding plans from historical data automatically

Create consistent, standardized budgets and forecasts

Build consistent plans across your portfolio together. Otelier TruePlan helps large teams standardize the financial planning process and account for individual property needs.

Create ad-hoc versions

Run comparison and variance analysis

Utilize custom roles and permissions

Key Benefits

Standardize processes

Standardize plans while allowing each hotel to include drivers that apply only to them. Recommend and enforce targets for revenue and expense lines across hotels. 

Reduce errors
Our automated systems eliminate spreadsheets to reduce the chance of human error and create standardized processes. Improve accuracy in your financial planning.
Align teams top to bottom
Otelier helps key stakeholders in your hotel portfolio push towards one version of the plan with easy collaboration tools. Coordinate teams across properties effortlessly.
Drive better decision-making
Never lose the ‘why’ for a target number by the time key teams have to deliver on a specific forecast or budget number. Easily see versioning and collaborate across teams.

Always Innovating to Keep You Ahead

Connect with us to learn more about how to budget and forecast with confidence.

Why Hoteliers Trust Otelier for Budgeting and Forecasting

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Bryan DeCort

Chief Operating Officer at Hotel Equities
Our performance is significantly enhanced when we invest in and provide our associates with real-time data, powered by innovation and technology.


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