Business Intelligence

Analyze Data

Improve Performance

Maximize Revenue

Automate bank reconciliations

Reconcile cash deposits and credit card transactions effortlessly. Rec compares and matches your internal records to your bank statements.

See analytics and insights your way

Customize reports and dashboards or take advantage of our pre-defined reports to make analysis a breeze. Otelier IntelliSight provides the flexibility you need to empower your team with insights and data.

Generate 100+ pre-defined, industry standard reports

Customize dashboards and reports to see the KPIs that matter most

Compare KPIs to budget or prior time periods

Gain insights to make better decisions

Jumpstart data-informed decision making. Otelier IntelliSight lets you skip the data aggregation and focus on uncovering insights to improve revenue and profitability.

Track and course correct on important KPIs like RevPAR, ADR, occupancy, and more

Identify upsell opportunities in F&B, room and event sales

Benchmark performance across your portfolio to identify opportunities for improvement

Join disparate data sources into a single view

Aggregate data from various systems into customizable views and reports for deeper analytics. Otelier IntelliSight offers a window into your property performance.

Pull data down to the transaction level from any system

Automate your data pipeline

Normalize data across systems

Create accurate forecasts to drive decisions

Make quick and informed decisions with accurate data to maximize revenue and profitability. Otelier TruePlan provides the data and what-if scenarios you need to make better financial decisions.

Utilize predictive models

Collaborate across teams

Explore what-if scenarios

Budget and forecast more efficiently

Jumpstart your financial planning process. Otelier TruePlan automatically consumes audited actuals from your accounting system to inform and produce plans with the right level of fidelity.

Get data at the daily and monthly level per account

Reduce human error and manual work

Eliminate manual data work aggregation